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Ensuring a new or existing user has the correct application access when and where they need it can be a difficult problem for organisations. Understanding who has access and whether they should have it can assist in mitigating risks to the organisation's cyber security. This becomes even more important as your organisation moves users to Software as a Service cloud solutions.


Unified Design has over ten years of experience analysing and implementing Identity Governance solutions for all sizes of organisations. Achieving organisational Identity Governance maturity is a journey, so whether you are just starting out (password management) or want to move to the next level (Segregation of Duties), Unified Design can be your strategic guide.​

The solutions we provide address the following Identity Governance services: 

  • Identity Management Lifecycle (User Access Request and Provisioning)

  • Role Lifecycle Management

  • Identity Analytics

  • Identity Auditing

  • Privileged Account Management

  • Segregation of Duties

Our consultants have specialist skills with many Identity Governance vendors including:

  • Oracle

  • Sun Microsystems

  • Forgerock

  • Microsoft

  • NetIQ 

  • Okta

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