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Federal, State and Local governments increasingly have a need to reduce silos - both within their own departments and with external partners.

Citizens are demanding better access to their personal information or delegating access to trusted cohorts. Legislation makes demands on ensuring data is secure, private, retained and audited. Privileged Access is also a difficult issue to address without some sort of Identity Governance and Access solution.

Banking & Financial Services

Financial institutions have long had an obvious requirement to keep their information secure - not just because any lapse can be disastrous and costly, but also because of legislation requirements. Identity Governance functions such as access reviews and auditing are vital to achieving compliance. Customers are also increasingly comfortable with multi-factor authentication and mobile devices, which are driving the need to provide more advanced access management.

Furthermore, identity verification is a core business process that is modernising in the digital age.


Higher Education institutions have unique Identity and Access Management requirements. New and graduating students result in large identity seasonal churns, while staff, alumni and visiting academics make complex demands of access management and segregation of duty functions.

Additionally, securing legacy systems without impacting the user experience can be challenging. 

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility organisations have the need to control access to buildings, equipment, information management and industrial control systems in a way that is seamless for staff and contractors, and without compromising security.

A flexible identity and access management system offering functions such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), proximity based authentication, audit trails and efficient on-boarding and off-boarding is vital to fulfilling those requirements.


Telecommunication organisations were early adopters of Identity Governance systems, but are discovering they need to adapt to new device agnostic requirements such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide a secure and seamless customer experience. 


Accessing patient health records from such diverse locations as a bedside, operating theatre, meeting room or office, risks the privacy and security of the people you’ve been engaged to help.

Identity and Access Management solutions can provide protection for these systems, ensuring the right people can access the information at the right time, while making the process seamless for clinicians, nurses and staff. Patients are also making increasing demands on technology with mobile booking and appointment arrivals, so the need to provide customer identity management systems that can handle social identities is becoming more urgent. 

Entertainment and Retail

Customers and their information are your assets. Integrating your Customer Relationship Management system with an Identity and Access Management system will provide a single view of the customer and ensure their information is up to date and reduce password fatigue. Allowing customers to access and update their information puts the control in their hands and reduces administration overhead. Providing federated access to your business partners also improves collaboration and on-boarding processes.

No matter what your industry, talk to Unified Design about how we can help you improve your identity governance processes.

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