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Why choose Unified Design?

01. Our team

Our team is made up of hand picked industry experts who like finding answers to problems. Each member comes highly recommended by clients and peers.

02. Our experience

All of our senior consultants have over 10 years of experience working with Identity Management projects and over 20 years in the Information Technology field. 

Our backgrounds as developers, solution architects, integrators, system administrators and end-users allow us to collaborate with other technology teams easily - we can speak the same language. 

03. Our record

We have all led and/or contributed to the successful delivery of many Identity Management projects across multiple industries. These include first to market on the latest products, upgrade projects, transformation projects, greenfield projects and timely resolutions of critical support issues.

04. Subject matter experts (SME)

With our Identity Management expertise and vast experiences, our resources are considered SME in the industry.  Our practical experience integrating identity systems with applications as diverse as SAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, Siebel, Oracle ERP, ServiceNow and Salesforce is invaluable in ensuring that we deliver the right solution for the right product. We know our stuff, but we aren't know-it-alls.

05. Simple solutions

We believe that solutions should be simple and interoperable without all the unnecessary overhead. These solutions are usually found by exploring both inside and outside the box. We also understand that time pressures and cost can influence your decision making, and pride ourselves in being able to find the right solution to meet your project needs.


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